Loom for Ableton Live

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Meet the new Loom, redesigned from the ground up!

Note: The demo above is the 1.0 version of Loom. The current version is 1.1 with added functionality!

Loom (previously MIDI Matrix) is a multi-voice MIDI sequencer device with a unique twist, designed to deliver exceptional performance and creativity in studio and live situations. It gives you finely-tuned control over various parameters and includes a handful of built-in MIDI effects.

You can check out the User Manual over at the website for complete details. The manual is currently for the previous version of Loom. The new version will be added soon!

Main Features and UI

  • Up to 6 Independent sequencer voices
  • Fully customizable patterns
  • Stepwise control of velocity, note length, and octave
  • MIDI effect controls
  • Ability to use sustain pedal as a sequencer hold
  • Optimized for live performance
  • Monophonic bass sequencer mode

Additional Settings Menu

This menu can be toggled with the chevron arrow in the bottom left corner of the device.

Check out our YouTube playlist for live demos, demo tracks, and more! A few of these tracks have breakdown posts on the website. Some of them also have free stem downloads if you want to dig in deeper!

See it in Action

If you have previously purchased Loom or MIDI Matrix, you get Eden for free.

Please find the updated downloads by logging into your Gumroad Account (or use your email receipt for access). Valid if you bought before September 2023.

Feel free to reach out to support@partialaudio.com for any questions or concerns.

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The Loom max for live device, presets and a demo project

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Loom for Ableton Live

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I want this!